Sampdoria-Bologna 4-1, report cards: Quagliarella show double, Praet-Ramirez goal

Sampdoria-Bologna 4-1, pagelle: Quagliarella doppietta show, Praet-Ramirez gol

Sampdoria-Bologna 4-1, report cards: Quagliarella show double, Praet-Ramirez goal

GENOA – Everything is easy for Sampdoria who returns to success after five games and clearly regulates Bologna (4-1). To drag the blucerchiati a Quagliarella in great dusting author of a shotgun, to which are added the goals of Praet and Ramirez, with only the Poli to oppose in Bologna. Bologna starts well but does not take advantage of the inertia of the initial minutes and so Sampdoria take the reins of the game, taking the lead on 10 'thanks to Praet, even if the credit goes to Caprari.

The Roman striker, in fact, served at the top left from Ramirez, frees himself in the dribbling of three guest defenders and from the back he puts in the middle for the compelling Praet that avoids Svanberg and beats without fail. The reaction of Bologna is vehement with Audero that is passed on a turn of Santander in the area at 15 ', but can not nothing two minutes later on Poli that exploits a hole of defense blucerchiata on Svanberg's cross from the right and touches free in small area .

The two teams play only to win and the emotions follow each other. At 25 'the hosts returned to the lead. Skorupski returns from the bottom serving Pulgar who does not notice Ramirez good to steal the ball and serve Quagliarella who has plenty of time to place a perfect diagonal for the second goal of the blucerchiati. The Bologna tries again to react but in doing so gives space to Sampdoria that 41 'still passes. Magic of Caprari that from midfield frees Ramirez to the limit, the Uruguayan finds himself face to face with Skorupski and overcomes him.

Fabio Quagliarella is still thinking about closing the game. Linetty tries the conclusion from the left corner, the trajectory is not precise and turns into an assist for Quagliarella who anticipates anticipating Helander and puts the ball in the low corner to the left of the goalkeeper. At the end of the game there are still more than 20 ', but they only serve the fans to praise former Gianluca Vialli grappling with a serious illness.

The report cards of the match

Sampdoria beats Bologna 4-1 (3-1). Sampdoria (4-3-1-2): Audero 6.5, Bereszynski 6, Tonelli 6, Andersen 6, Murru 6, Praet 6.5, Vieira 6 (17 'st Ekdal 6), Linetty 6.5 (39' st Jankto sv), Ramirez 7, Quagliarella 7, Caprari 6.5 (20 'st Defrel). (33 Rafael, 72 Belec, 5 Saponara, 7 Sala, 15 Colley, 22 Tavares, 25 Ferrari, 95 Rolando, 99 Kownacki) All .; Giampaolo 7.

Bologna (3-5-2): Skorupski 4, Calabresi 5.5 (18 'st Orsolini 5), Danilo 5, Helander 5, Mattiello 5.5, Poli 6 (39' st Nagy sv), Pulgar 5, Svanberg 5.5, Krejci 4.5, Falcinelli 5 (11 'st Palacio 5), Santander 6. (1 Da Costa, 3 Gonzalez, 4 De Maio, 6 Paz, 15 Mbayè, 17 Donsah, 22 Right, 30 Okwonkwo, 35 Dijks) All .: F. Inzaghi 5 .

Referee: Abyss 6.5. Networks: in the pt 10 'Praet, 17' Poli, 25 'Quagliarella, 41' Ramirez; in st 24 'Quagliarella. Angles: 4-1 for Sampdoria. Recovery: 0 'and 2'. Ammonites: Calabresi, Tonelli, Santander, Palacio, Linetty, Bereszynski for improper play. Spectators: 17,844, of which 802 and 17,042 subscribers.

** THE GOL ** – 10 'pt: Caprari goes left, enters the area, dribbles three opponents and puts in the middle for the compelling Praet that hits the net without problems. – 17 'pt: cross from the right of Svanberg, the defense blucerchiata does not intervene and Poli from two steps beats to the net, Audero tries to repel but the ball goes in goal.

– 25 'pt: Ramirez steals the ball to Pulgar at the limit on the short raise of the goalkeeper and serves Quagliarella who defeats Skorupski with a precise diagonal. – 41 'pt: Caprari frees Ramirez centrally to the limit, the Uruguayan enters the area and face to face with Skorupski without any problems. – 24 'st: Linetty tries the shot from the edge, but the ball turns into an assist for Quagliarella who in the left area turns in goal, still beating Skorupski.

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