Melissa Satta: “Inter boy child attacked in the stands in Florence. Shameful”

Melissa Satta: "Bimbo interista aggredito in tribuna a Firenze. Vergognoso"

Melissa Satta (photo ANSA)

FLORENCE – Serious episode reported by Melissa Satta at the Artemio Franchi stadium in Florence. The showgirl and wife of Viola striker Kevin-Prince Boateng was in the stands on Sunday evening (15 December) to attend the match against Inter.

What the former vellum wanted to comment on is the unsportsmanlike behavior of Fiorentina fans in the stands. When Inter went away he scored the second goal with Lautaro, then canceled by the Var for an offside by Lukaku, in the stands there was a boy, with his dad, who cheered. At that moment a group of Florentine supporters began to verbally rail and attack the two. The situation had become so incandescent that two security men were forced to escort dad and son elsewhere.

“In the middle there was a 10-year-old boy with his dad – writes Satta posting the photo of the Franchi tribune -, at the second goal of Inter he exulted together with his dad and the two were verbally attacked by Fiorentina fans. The dad and the child were taken away from that sector by some Fiorentina managers who I must say have behaved very well and have tried to reassure the child, because the situation was deteriorating. I wonder: aren't you ashamed to make a 10-year-old baby cry and scare just because he cheered for his favorite team? I'm sorry but I don't call you fans, the fans are those who respect the support, I call you ignorant ”.

In the stories, Satta underlines that she is not angry either with the purple fans or with Fiorentina: “Florence is beautiful, Fiorentina as well as all the Florentines. But these people who have done this are to be left at home and we must not allow them to ruin the name of the Fiorentina fan ”.


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