Inter, Conte: “Excuses? Order of Journalists and Ussi should be ashamed “

Inter, Conte: "Scuse? Ordine dei Giornalisti e Ussi dovrebbero vergognarsi"

Inter, Antonio Conte during the match in Florence (photo Ansa)

FLORENCE – The Order of Journalists and Ussi had asked Antonio Conte to apologize to Il Corriere dello Sport and Italo Cucci for canceling the press conference in protest of the letter published by the Roman newspaper where a fan gave him the 'out of stock. Conte did not apologize , he entrusted the whole case to his lawyer and said that " The Order of Journalists and Ussi should be ashamed . They ask me to apologize against those who disrespected me . Is absurd. Then from that pulpit, that newspaper published a racist headline, which was mocked by the rest of the world, and a serious anticipation of Mihajlovic's health. .. ".

Here are the statements made by Antonio Conte to Sky Sport's microphones against the Order of Journalists, Ussi and Il Corriere dello Sport: “I left everything in the hands of my lawyer. I did it on Inter's decision. If we talk about respect, we must first give it and then receive it. We canceled the press conference to get this concept across the board for journalists. We have to send out signs of respect, since it was a lack of respect.

The Order of Journalists and Ussi must be ashamed because they ask me to apologize to those who have disrespected me. Then he speaks who has made a racist title, making himself mocked by the rest of the world, or who has published an anticipation on Mihajlovic's illness … ".

Conte also talked about the match, explaining the draw against Fiorentina with the following statements: "In these last two games we have collected less than we sowed. With Barcelona we missed too many goals and then we made defensive mistakes. Today sorry because there had been a good response from the team. We deserved something more. We are collecting less than we are sowing. With Barcelona, ​​Fiorentina, but also Rome, we deserved the victory.

There are three potential victories that have turned into two draws and one defeat. The boys put a lot of effort in us but we are facing a path of growth, so we need patience, we must build the victories over the mistakes made. It is not obvious to win, our name is Inter but this is not enough to win games. Wrong goals from Lukaku? He is always playing, like other teammates, so it is inevitable that he is tired.

We look ahead because we have done well in Florence, which is a difficult field. I am sorry I only came out with a dot but now it is mandatory to look ahead. Playing seven games in twenty days, always with the same players, it is normal for something to pay. Lukaku and Lautaro are doing their best but cannot always have the necessary lucidity. Sanchez's injury deprived us of an important forward alternative to give the two of them some rest.

I can only thank Lautaro and Lukaku for their spirit of sacrifice. We can't afford to catch them. Godin and Skriniar's mistakes on Fiorentina's goal? Sorry to have taken this goal on the break in minutes of recovery but we will analyze it well in training to avoid it in the future ”.

The Inter article , Conte: "Excuses? Order of Journalists and Ussi should be ashamed ” seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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