Mario Balotelli is back to training but is still breaking with Brescia. Here’s where it could go

BRESCIA – After missing two training sessions in an unjustified manner, Mario Balotelli has returned to the Brescia sports center.

On the sidelines of the training, Balotelli stopped in the sports center to speak with the Brescia Cardone manager.

The break seems now definitive because Cellino, long ago, said he was disappointed with the performance of the center forward.

The number one of the Lombard club spoke of a lost bet.

Even the blue coach Mancini was not satisfied with the Super Mario championship as the center forward scored the misery of five goals in 19 appearances.

Also because of his infertility in front of goal, Brescia is in the relegation zone with little hope of remaining in Serie A.

What future for Mario Balotelli? More abroad than Italy.

Mancini would like Balotelli to stay in Italy but for Super Mario there are few buyers from our country.

The former Inter center forward would like to move to hot squares like Rome and Naples but these two clubs are not interested in him.

Napoli confirmed Mertens while Roma would be one step away from Kean, another bad boy of Italian football.

To date, a transfer abroad is likely for the former AC Milan striker.

Besiktas, Lyon and Marseille would be interested in him (in the latter case it would be a return …).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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