Marcus Thuram: “Ronaldo was my father’s terror …”

Marcus Thuram: "Ronaldo era il terrore di mio padre..."

Marcus Thuram with the France Under 21 shirt. During an interview he said that Ronaldo was his father's terror (photo Ansa)

PARIS (FRANCE) – Marcus Thuram, son of the ex defender of Parma, Juventus and the French national team Lilian Thuram, was interviewed exclusively by France Football to talk about his season in the ranks of Borussia , Germany, and to reveal some anecdotes about his family.

Marcus Thuram: "Ronaldo was my father's terror and he was my idol".

Marcus Thuram's statements about dad and Ronaldo are reported by

“When I was very young the idol was Ronaldo, the Brazilian. I heard mom and dad talking about him. When he played against him, it was terror; a great motivation. I also have an anecdote about the phenomenon. As a child I had a blanket that I never left. At one point my parents told me it was to be thrown away and when I rebelled my mother said to me: "We will give it to Ronaldo". And so I decided to leave it. "

During this season, Marcos Thuram has scored ten goals in twenty-six games for Bor. M'gladbach. One of these goals was decisive during the Europa League match between the Germans and Roma. Despite this victory, Borussia was eliminated from the Europa League because the Turks from Istanbul and Paulo Fonseca's Roma qualified for the round of 32.

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