Manolas risks missing Barcelona-Napoli due to injury, that’s what he did

Manolas risks missing Barcelona-Napoli due to injury. The Blaugrana are hoping for it, given the precedents with the Greek with the Roma shirt, while the Campanians are shaking …

Manolas risks missing Barcelona-Napoli from the Champions League due to injury. The health conditions of the Greek are explained by the Campania company with the following press release:

" Manolas , who came out with an injury in the final match against Sassuolo, underwent investigations that revealed the infringement of the fourth and fifth rib of his left side".

What's the situation? Manolas finished his championship early. The Greek will certainly miss the last two Serie A matches against Inter and Lazio.

As mentioned, his presence is at risk for the return of the Champions League round of 16 against Barcelona.

Obviously for Napoli it would be a very serious tile because Manolas is an immovable holder of the Campania defense alongside Koulibaly.

In the event that Manolas should not make it, Napoli would most likely fall back on Maksimovic but Gattuso hopes to recover the Greek.

Also because Manolas is the bogeyman of Barcelona given that in 2018 he scored the decisive goal that allowed Roma to complete a sensational comeback against Leo Messi's team.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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