Roma-Fiorentina still has discussions between penalties and blasphemies. Iachini: “Action spoiled by referee’s deviation”

Roma-Fiorentina is destined to be discussed at length between dubious penalties and blasphemies. Iachini protested by focusing his attention on another aspect: "The action of Roma's second penalty was marred by a touch by the referee".

You pass the first penalty (in fact, Lirola's foul on Peres is pretty clear …) but not the second … in the purple house they don't want to make up for the penalty that gave Roma the victory.

Fiorentina's anger had already been perceived on the pitch given the numerous blasphemies at the time of assigning the second penalty of the day to the Giallorossi.

Iachini provides further food for thought by arguing over a touch by the referee who would have spoiled the action in the bud. Here are his statements to Sky Sport.

“I don't want to talk about the contact that led to Roma's second penalty, I want to say that the action was flawed in the bud by a touch of the referee.

In these cases, regardless of how the action develops, the regulation is clear. The action is stopped immediately and the ball is bowled.

I exaggerated with the protests, and in this I made a mistake. But I simply asked the referee to go and review the action to the var. So he would have noticed his touch and would not have awarded the penalty to Roma ”.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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