Manolas-Borriello, curtain on Instagram: “You’re old”. “If you write you stretch your finger”

Manolas-Borriello, siparietto su Instagram: "Sei vecchio". "Se scrivi ti stiri il dito"

Manolas-Borriello, curtain on Instagram: "You're old". "If you write you stretch your finger"

ROME – Manolas no longer plays with Borriello, Nainggolan and Pjanic but the friendship between these players has remained intact. In fact, Manolas and Marco Borriello were the protagonists of a hilarious curtain on Instagram. Pjanic and Nainggolan were also tagged in the conversation. The Greek commented on a photo of Borriello writing "Ormai sei vecchio". "Eye that if you write you stretch your finger!", The replica of the former Ibiza bomber. Manolas laughs and continues on the age front: "38 years now", "36 love", Marco Borriello answers, adding the emoticon of a horse to indicate his physical strength. Manolas insists and tries to treat: "37". Marco Borriello does not want to hear stories and replies: "36". The last word is up to Kostas Manolas: "Don't steal".

Manolas: "Champions League? We must win the remaining matches … ".

"Four endings await us, four challenges. If we win, we are all in the Champions League ”. So the Roma defender, Manolas, 48 ​​hours after Marassi's trip to Genoa. "We have a tough game ahead of us, against a team that has not yet been saved. In Genoa we always struggle, we have to take the field to win.

If we do not return with the three points the Champions moves away … – remember -. Regrets? Of course we have them: losing two races with Spal, the same with Chievo from 2-0 and then Cagliari from 0-2 in 9 … there is some regret because we could have already been in the Champions area, without having pressure from behind ". Thus the Greek defender interviewed within the Giallorossi match program.
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