Sporting Network bought the Palermo football, the official presentation on May 8th

Sporting Network ha comprato il Palermo calcio, l'8 maggio la presentazione ufficiale

Sporting Network bought the Palermo football, on May 8 the official presentation (photo Ansa)

PALERMO – Palermo football has officially changed ownership. To give the announcement Fabrizio Lucchesi next probable general manager who has defined himself the director in pectore. "I announce that the Palermo has officially changed ownership – said Lucchesi – the signatures have been put and now it will be up to the organization of governance. A board of directors must be appointed who will indicate the president and the other offices within the company. Then on Wednesday we will hold the official press conference of presentation in a big city hotel ".

Palermo Calcio passes to the Sporting Network, on May 8 the presentation of the new property.

"Daniela De Angeli and Sporting Network Srl communicate that today the transfer of ownership of the shares of Palermo Football Club Spa, the sole shareholder company of the US Città di Palermo Spa, was formalized." Palermo writes in a note, thus formalizing the transfer of ownership of the club to Sporting Network, the vehicle company controlled by Arkus Network. "The presentation of the new property – reads – will take place on Wednesday 8 May at 12 noon at the Mondello Palace Hotel. At that time all the clarifications relating to the transaction just concluded will be provided. "

Who is Fabrizio Lucchesi, probable general manager of the new Palermo Calcio.

Fabrizio Lucchesi (Empoli, 6 December 1961) is an Italian sports manager. He played football at the amateur level as a free and midfielder. He has a degree in Motor Sciences and Sport Management. During his long sports career he has worked with Empoli, Rome, Palermo, Nice, Fiorentina, Cesena, Avellino, Pescara, Pisa, Latina and Lucchese.
Source: Ansa.

The Sporting Network article has bought the Palermo soccer, on May 8 the official presentation seems to be the first on the daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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