Lukaku, the bed is huge. Ranocchia teases him on Instagram: “Is it for 15 people?”

Lukaku, il letto è enorme. Ranocchia lo sfotte su Instagram: "E' per 15 persone?"

Romelu Lukaku's bed is huge (photo from Instagram)

MILAN – Social curtain between Romelu Lukaku and Andrea Ranocchia . The center forward of Inter posted a photo on Instagram while lying in the bed of his new apartment. The bed is so large that Lukaku seems small in comparison (despite being a colossus of muscles …).

For this reason, his teammate at Inter Andrea Ranocchia teased him by leaving the following comment under his Instagram post: "Is it for fifteen people?". Ready answer from Lukaku who was at the game: "No, it's for seven people …".

The Belgian center forward has purchased two luxury apartments in the exclusive Milan neighborhood "City Life". Why two? Because in one he will live, while in the other the mother and son Romeo will live. Lukaku wants to live alone because he wants to be fully focused on his football career. Obviously mother and son live one step away from him and therefore he will be able to visit them at any time.

Conte loves Lukaku for this reason because he is 101% focused on his football career. It is the opposite of Mauro Icardi, who was not by chance sold to the PSG. Lukaku behaves with the utmost professionalism off the pitch and is never at the center of cases or controversy.

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