Politano-Spinazzola exchange, it’s done: that’s how Rome and Inter got to the white smoke

Scambio Politano-Spinazzola, è fatta: ecco come Roma e Inter sono arrivate alla fumata bianca

Politano with the Roma scarf in the photo Ansa

ROME – After a few hours of tension, Rome and Inter managed to find an agreement to perfect the exchange of transfers between Matteo Politano and Leonardo Spinazzola . Roma never had doubts about this transfer market operation while Inter seemed to have thought better of it after the outcome, not entirely satisfactory, of Spinazzola's medical visits.

Rome was annoyed by this rethinking and the deal was seriously threatening to fade. After a dispute that lasted a few hours, Rome and Inter resolved the situation with this formula: the evaluation of the players' cards remains € 28 million. The two clubs have perfected an exchange on par with the following clause: the redemption of the players becomes mandatory only after both have reached fifteen appearances.

Therefore, if one of the two were to get injured, the club would have the right not to redeem him with less than fifteen appearances. In this way Inter, who had doubts about Spinazzola's physical condition, has the possibility of not redeeming him at the end of the season if the player does not collect at least fifteen appearances.

Obviously we are not only talking about the case of injuries, coaches have the right to make them play less than fifteen games. Failure to redeem at the end of the season could also be dictated by technical choices.

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