Luciano Gaucci, the ex president of Perugia has died: among exotic blows, oddities and the UEFA cup

Luciano Gaucci è morto, ex presidente storico del Perugia Calcio

Luciano Gaucci is dead, in this photo Ansa was at the Renato Curi stadium in Perugia together with the ex football player Saadi Gaddafi

SANTO DOMINGO (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) – The world of football is mourning the death of Luciano Gaucci at 81 years old. He passed away in Santo Domingo, where he had lived for some time. He was one of the great protagonists of Italian football between the 90s and the early 2000s, between exotic purchases and various oddities, his career ended stormily with an escape to Santo Domingo and a bankruptcy sentence.

Luciano Gaucci, the best with Perugia Calcio: from the dispute with Matarrese to the departure of Ahn to the Biscardi Process.

In 1991, while Italy is about to be overwhelmed by the Tangentopoli scandal, Luciano Gaucci leaves the vice presidency of Rome, which has always been his favorite team, to become president of Perugia Calcio. Gaucci took the team to Serie C but within a few years he brought it to Serie A until the historic participation in the 2003-2004 Uefa Cup where Perugia reached the round of 32 before being eliminated from the PSV.

Gaucci went down in football history both for his business sense and for his oddities. Let's start from his relationship with the Matarrese. He tried to bribe Antonio, who at the time was president of the FIGC with a foal worth two million euros, then gave rise to a sensational dispute with Vincenzo, who at the time was president of Bari, which is still viral on YouTube and on social networks (video at the bottom of the article).

Then his many hits in Asia, a market that at the time was hardly beaten by European teams. Everyone remembers Nakata, a footballer who then exploded to win the league title against Roma in 2001, but Gaucci also took many other players who did not have the same fate.

For example Gaucci bought this Ma Mingyu, a player who was already over thirty years old. Gaucci actually wanted to take another Chinese national team star who was only 26 years old. I will weave the wrong player and in fact the poor Ma Mingyu never took the field and was soon sent back to China.

Then the purchase of Rahman Rezaei, an unknown Iranian footballer whom Gaucci tracked down while he was buying Persian rugs. We close the Asia speech with the purchase that made us discuss more, that of the Korean Ahn. He was a good center forward and in Perugia he also did well but Gaucci chased him away, on live TV, during an episode of the Biscardi Process after his South Korea eliminated Italy from the World Cup thanks to a scandalous arbitration by Byron Moreno ( here too, you can see the video at the bottom of the article).

After failing to register for the Serie A the German player Birgit Prinz, because obviously it is not possible to make a woman play in a men's championship, Gaucci still managed to stay in the spotlight thanks to the purchase of Saadi Gaddafi (pictured above Article). In addition to being the son of the then Libyan leader Muammar, he was also the president of the Libyan Football Federation, the captain of the national team, a shareholder of Juventus (7%) and Triestina (33%).

He played only seven minutes in Serie A, during Perugia Calcio's 1-0 victory over Juventus, but after the final whistle he was so happy that he decided to give a smart one to every member of the squad of the Umbrian team. Practically immediately thereafter, he was disqualified for doping and he no longer took the field with Perugia. During the Gaucci era this and much more happened, it certainly was not a trivial character …

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