Llorente hand or side? Decisive goal assigned by the var makes discuss

Llorente, il gol qualificazione in Manchester City-Tottenham

Llorente, the qualifying goal in Manchester City-Tottenham

MANCHESTER – Tottenham eliminated Manchester City thanks to a very doubtful goal scored by Llorente at 74 '. The former Juventus striker, on the development of a corner kick in favor of his team, scored with a touch very doubtful. From some images, it seems that he marked with his hand, from others, it seems that he marked with his side. The referee Cakir, before making a decision, went to consult the monitor of the var. In the end he awarded the qualifying goal to Tottenham because Llorente's arm was still close to the body.

Tottenham eliminates Manchester City and flies to the Champions League semifinals.

At 3 ', Manchester City took the lead at the first lunge. Sterling centered on the left and beat Lloris with an impregnable right-footed shot. At 5 ', Son, already on the net in the first leg , equalized thanks to a double defensive blunder by Laporte and Ederson. Laporte passed the ball to the Korean who scored under Ederson's legs. At 9 ', Son completed the comeback.

This time the Korean scored with an unstoppable spin right. At 10 ', Bernardo Silva equalized the accounts. His shot was deflected in goal, decisively, by an opponent. Incredible match with four goals in ten minutes, until now, defenses not received.

At 21 ′, Sterling completed the comeback. The English striker scored from two steps on Kevin de Bruyne's perfect cross. At 59 ', the City scored the goal that brought him forward in the qualifying speech with Kun Aguero. The Argentine striker scored with a very powerful shot on Lloris's post after a splendid through-ball pass from Kevin de Bruyne.

At 74 ', Llorente scored the 4-3 goal on a corner kick in favor of Tottenham. This network has been marked in a dubious manner and for this reason the Turkish referee Cakir has decided to go and review the episode at the var. After displaying the var, the Turkish referee assigned the network to Tottenham. At 93 ', Eriksen lost a rather silly ball and threw Aguero into the net, the Argentine striker served Sterling who scored the goal of the possible qualification but here's the twist. Aguero was offside on Bernardo Silva's touch and therefore Sterling's goal is to be annulled.

It's over, Tottenham qualified for the Champions League semi-final where he will face Ajax.

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