Sterling, the qualifying goal in Manchester City-Tottenham canceled by Aguero’s offside for var

Sterling, il gol qualificazione in Manchester City-Tottenham annullato dal var per fuorigioco di Aguero

Sterling, the qualifying goal in Manchester City-Tottenham canceled by Aguero's offside for var

MANCHESTER – Even in England, they learned about the var. The technology was used by the Turkish referee Cakir both to assign the qualifying goal to Llorente , despite a suspicious touch with his hand, and to remove the network of qualification to Sterling for an offside position of the Kun Aguero. At 93 ', Sterling had scored the 5-3 goal that would have qualified the City in the Champions League semi-finals but the Turkish referee canceled it, after consulting the var, for an offside position by Aguero, author of the assist for Sterling's goal.

Sterling, qualifying goal to be annulled for Aguero's offside.

The action stems from a ball lost trivially in midfield by Eriksen, then the ball arrived at Bernardo Silva who launched Aguero. This is the decisive moment because Aguero was offside at the time of assisting Bernardo Silva. Then Aguero dribbled an opponent and hit for Sterling who beat Lloris with a low shot, not too angled, deflected into the net by a clumsy intervention by the French goalkeeper.

At first, the referee Cakir had awarded the qualifying goal to the City by blowing up the joy of the fans of Manchester and Guardiola but was then recalled from the room of the var to review the action on the monitor. After reviewing it, Cakir had no doubts and canceled Manchester City's qualifying goal. Tottenham in the semifinals where he will face Ajax.

The Sterling article , the qualifying goal in Manchester City-Tottenham canceled by the var for offside of Aguero seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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