Lazio-Cremonese, choirs against Zaniolo’s mother despite the serious injury suffered by her son

Lazio-Cremonese, cori contro la mamma di Zaniolo nonostante il grave infortunio subito dal figlio

Francesca Costa, Zaniolo's mother, in the Instagram photo

ROME – Not even the very serious injury suffered by Nicolò Zaniolo has pitied the Lazio fans. Even today some Biancocelesti fans, during the Italian Cup match between Lazio and Cremonese, sang choruses against the mother of Zaniolo Francesca Costa : "Zaniolo's mother is a p …". It happens quite frequently and on the subject Ms. Costa has already expressed herself in the past through an interview with Corriere dello Sport.

“I was with my husband Igor in the stands. And even later, with Nicolò, we joked: "Have you seen what Mum's Lazio think?". Fortunately these things do not affect us. I felt sorry only for our other daughter, Benedetta, who is a teenager and can be hurt. But she too understood that it is nothing serious. Why did I respond to Lazio through Instagram? It was not my intention to argue with certain people, who certainly were not educated with me.

I just wanted to publicly show my pride to Nicolò: he played a great game despite the insults, showing that I had become a mature footballer. I imagine what many think: I would speculate on the notoriety of Nicolò Zaniolo, my son. But I can answer very calmly: I do not intend to market my image.

I have already rejected many proposals, from TV and beyond. I don't care about this, I don't need visibility. But I don't intend to change: I really liked who called me an anti-conventional mother, I like it. Maybe other mothers will behave like me in the future. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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