Handball, journalist Yorck Polus hit a ball during the VIDEO connection

Pallamano, giornalista Yorck Polus colpito una pallonata durante il collegamento VIDEO

The journalist was hit by a ball during Germany-Holland, the inaugural competition of the European Handball Championship (freeze frame from YouTube)

BERLIN (GERMANY) – Bad mishap for the journalist Yorck Polus during a call from the field for the opening race of the European Handball between Germany and the Netherlands. Polus was hit by a ball while he was talking about the game back to the field. The reporter accused the blow but immediately afterwards continued to speak as if nothing had happened.

The European Men's Handball Championship is the main European international men's handball competition and is held every two years. It also serves as a qualifying tournament for the world championship. The Swedish national team is the team with the most triumphs with four statements; the Spanish representative made it to the final five times, winning only once (in 2018).

Sweden is the national team that has won the most European handball championships with four successes. Sweden also boasts a silver medal, is the most titular national team in the European handball championships.

France follows with three European handball championships. With two triumphs each we find Germany and Denmark. The Spanish and Russian national teams close the gold bulletin board, with success each (source Wikipedia, YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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