Kahn teases Buffon: “He’s 50, how long does he want to play again? Neuer is the best “

Kahn mocked Buffon in an interview released before the Champions League final: "He is almost 50 years old, he should have stopped earlier".

Is Buffon or Neuer stronger? Kahn has no doubts. In an interview released before the Champions League final between Bayern and PSG, the former goalkeeper of Germany sided with his compatriot Neuer.

“Neuer is 34 years old. Goalkeepers don't get worse when they get older, they get even stronger as they gain experience.

Buffon is now close to 50. He should have stopped earlier, there is no doubt about that.

Who will win the Champions League final? Meanwhile, it must be said that Flick did a great job at Bayern Munich.

The coach had the ability to motivate his players by bringing out the best in the entire squad.

PSG has many champions but I aim decisively on Bayern Munich because I know the value of the team ”.

Despite the teasing of a great ex of the past like Kahn, Buffon has no intention of hanging up his boots.

In fact, even the next championship, the goalkeeper will be part of the black and white squad. He did not play the season just ended as a starter but Buffon was able to carve out an important space for himself (source the Sun daily ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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