Sevilla-Inter, close fight between Conte and Banega

Brawl between Antonio Conte and Ever Banega during the first half of the Europa League final between Sevilla and Inter.

The first half of Sevilla-Inter gave goals and emotions but also a lot of nervousness.

Conte protested at length against the referee for two controversial decisions.

The penalty awarded to Inter was clear but Conte protested against the referee because he wanted the expulsion of the Sevilla defender for an alleged last man foul.

Shortly after, a Sevilla player hit the ball with his hand in his area but the referee did not award Inter the penalty because, he said, the arm was attached to the body.

The constant protests by Antonio Conte on the sidelines have unnerved Sevilla midfielder Ever Banega.

So the Argentinian playmaker of Sevilla has decided to face Conte hard-nosed by telling him to shut up.

Conte did not stop the protests, rather he increased the dose and the dispute between the two would have ended with the promise to give them to each other at the end of the game. Or at least this is the reconstruction of the Sky Sport commentators who would have listened to him.

In fact, the final was played behind closed doors, without fans, so it was easy to listen to everything for those who were directly at the stadium (source Sky Sport ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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