Juventus, ultrà attack Bernardeschi and Marchisio for their post pro immigrants

Juventus, ultrà attaccano Bernardeschi e Marchisio per loro post pro immigrati

Juventus, ultrà attack Bernardeschi and Marchisio for their post pro immigrants (photo Ansa)

TURIN – The ultrà of Juventus registered in the "second ring" group have thrown themselves against Federico Bernardeschi and against the former Juventus flag Claudio Marchisio for their posts in favor of immigrants. The "second ring" group stands on far-right positions and in the latest investigations by the Digos of Turin close relationships have emerged with Forza Nuova. As "La Repubblica" recalls, their own leader, Dino Mocciola, arrested a few months ago, had effigies of Mussolini in his home.

Here is the place of Juventus's ultrà against Federico Bernardeschi and Claudio Marchisio: “In recent years football has become increasingly the mirror of the modern world, starting from the high spheres that govern it, passing through clubs and finally arriving at players.

Among the latter, it is now common practice to align with the feel-good logic dictated by radical chic lounges, a sad trend that has also affected Federico Bernardeschi and his Instagram profile, where a few days ago a copy and paste rhetoric worthy of the notice board of Saverio Tommasi appeared.

In a situation of national health emergency, it would be appropriate for every citizen to simply follow the regulations issued with a civic sense, acting in respect of our people, our land and all hospital bodies engaged with their staff from morning to evening to stem this virus – they write in the post on the Facebook group – Despite this there are still those who spend words with the sole purpose of gaining notoriety and attracting public attention, by a footballer who perhaps should think a little more to play given the poor performance offered during this season.

From Marchisio to Bernardeschi, the actors change but the script remains the same, as well as the question that arises spontaneously: 'but where did the Juventus style go? ".

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