Juventus-Fiorentina, the penalties: the first was there, the second is very doubtful

Juventus-Fiorentina, i rigori: il primo c'era, il secondo è molto dubbio

Juventus-Fiorentina, the first penalty awarded to the Bianconeri for Pezzella's hand ball on Pjanic's safe shot (Dazn freeze from social networks)

TURIN – Juventus-Fiorentina was characterized by two penalty kicks that allowed the bianconeri to unlock the game, then move to zero on two. Penalties that have infuriated the patron viola Rocco Commisso : “Juve does not need this aid to win the game, the game was decided by the referee, I am disgusted. Juve has spent millions building this squad, it should not be helped like this … it must win with merit ".

Juventus-Fiorentina, the slow motion: the first penalty was there, the second much less …

Juventus-Fiorentina, i rigori: il primo c'era, il secondo è molto dubbio

Juventus-Fiorentina, the second penalty awarded to the bianconeri for this normal game clash between Ceccherini and Bentancur (freeze frame Dazn from social networks)

Juventus took the lead in the 37th minute thanks to a penalty awarded for a handball by Pezzella on a conclusion from outside the penalty area by Miralem Pjanic.

The referee Pasqua was called to attention by Calvarese, who was in front of the monitors of the var room, so he went to review the episode on the sidelines and decided to assign the first penalty to the bianconeri. Ronaldo was not wrong from eleven meters. The penalty was there, so the referee's decision was corrected.

Many controversies instead for the penalty awarded to 79 ′. Bentancur received the ball from Dybala and entered the area, after a normal game contrast with Ceccherini, he went to the ground. Referee Pasqua awarded the penalty. Again, he was called to order by Calvarese, his assistant who was following the game from the var room.

So Pasqua went to review the episode on the monitor that was on the sidelines but, unlike what happened previously, he did not change his mind and confirmed the penalty for Juventus.

From eleven meters, another goal for Cristiano Ronaldo. Then the match was closed on the final three to zero from the Juventus defender De Ligt's marking.

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