Juventus, penalties are back. Sarri’s joke about the striped shirt was prophetic

Juventus, tornano i rigori. La battuta di Sarri sulla maglia a strisce è stata profetica

Juventus, Maurizio Sarri will be happy: the penalties are back in favor of the bianconeri (photo Ansa)

TURIN – After the defeat of Naples, Sarri made a joke that did not like the black and white environment. He said that to return to receiving penalties in favor, there was a need to go back to wearing the shirt with stripes. The joke referred to what Sarri said at the time of Napoli, where he complained about the many penalties whistled in favor of Juventus, who at the time was his rival for the Scudetto.

The turn following this joke, which at this point proved to be prophetic, Juve benefited from two penalties that allowed her to beat Fiorentina but which also sent the violent patron Rocco Commisso furious.

Sarri's joke on penalties: "Juventus must go back to wearing the shirt with stripes".

The joke of the Juventus coach after the defeat of Naples: “This year we have had few, perhaps we need to go back to the old shirts, the ones with the stripes. The problem is that we changed our tunic … we enter twice as much as our opponents in the penalty area but we had six shots from the penalty spot in favor and six against ".

Commissio furious with the referee: "I am disgusted, he decided the game, Juve does not need these favors".

Rocco Commisso shoots zero on the referee after Fiorentina's 0-3 defeat on the Juventus field with two penalty kicks that have directed the match in favor of the bianconeri. Here is his fury at Dazn's microphones immediately after the lunch match of the day: “The referees cannot decide the matches, I am disgusted. I have been here for 6 months and I never criticize the referees, but they cannot decide: Juve does not need their help to win, you cannot see these things, I am very angry, it didn't take me ”.

“Juve is already better than us, let us win on the field. With Genoa they gave us no penalty. Here they gave us two penalties: the first was perhaps there, the second was never there, and from there our boys became demoralized. It is not fair for our fans to be treated like this. We are penalized for three games.

They can't decide the games. The boys must win on the pitch. Juve with 350 million salaries do not need help from the referees, I am disgusted by what I have seen today, but also the past week with Genoa. You have to help football in the right ways, you can't see today's situation all over the world ”.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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