Juventus, another rain of millions from Allianz: 103 in 7 years

Juventus, altra pioggia di milioni da Allianz: 103 in 7 anni

Juventus has reached a millionaire agreement with Allianz, the president Andrea Agnelli in the photo Ansa

TURIN – Juventus has made the agreement with Allianz until 2030: 103 million in seven seasons with the extension of the stadium 's naming right. The logo will be visible on the Juventus training kit already from the Coppa Italia match against Milan which will be played in a few hours. Below is the Juventus press release.

The Juventus press release.

"Juventus Football Club SpA has reached a sponsorship agreement with Allianz SpA concerning, starting from the current year, the visibility on the First Team training kit and some sponsorship rights related to the women's sector, as well as the extension of the naming right of the Allianz Stadium for seven sports seasons, starting from 1 July 2023 and until 30 June 2030. The agreement provides for a total consideration of € 103.1 million which adds to the provisions of the agreements already in place ".

The statements of the CEO of Allianz.

Giacomo Campora , CEO of Allianz SpA, comments: «With today, our partnership with Juventus has become even more solid, lasting and relevant at national and international level. Not only have we extended the naming rights agreement with this top football club for the Allianz Stadium until 2030, but we have identified numerous additional sponsorship solutions that will match the Allianz brand to the First Team, as well as making an important commitment with the women's sector of the club »(source: Juventus official website and Il Corriere dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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