Cagliari, Pavoletti explains the injury in the club: “No fight with Cigarini”

Cagliari, Pavoletti spiega l'infortunio nel locale: "Nessuna rissa con Cigarini"

Cagliari, Pavoletti remedied another bad crusader injury while he was in a club. He was not injured following a fight with Cigarini (photo Ansa)

CAGLIARI – No mystery about Pavoletti 's injury . It was the same Cagliari striker and his teammate Cigarini who denied, in a press conference convened specifically at the Assemini sports center, the rumors, circulated yesterday insistently through social media on an alleged brawl among the rossoblù players as the cause of the breakdown of the crusader to the player.

Cagliari, Pavoletti and Cigarini in chorus: "We didn't get into a fight, all crap".

"All foolish", Cigarini immediately began. The reconstructions on the exclusion of Oliva against Genoa are also imaginative. "He had a fever," said the midfielder. E 'denied, as early as yesterday by Pavoletti himself, any responsibility for Birsa, brought up by viral word of mouth.

“No fight, I was playing and joking outside the restaurant with Cigarini. Then when others called us, when I turned around I felt a twist in the knee and fell to the ground. They painted us as a group divided into factions – Pavoletti continued – and instead we are a team strongly united in an attempt to reach a great goal.

We are then talking about a dinner organized by me just to be together in joy also because I felt charged and ready to return. Times? At the beginning I only felt a nuisance and in fact I continued the evening normally. Only the following evening I saw that the knee swelled.

Finally the response that I never wanted to have. Yesterday I was in Austria to remove my last doubts and understand if there was any hope. But nothing to do. Now I will have to evaluate what to do to undertake a new recovery path ".

Pavoletti confirms that he has already spoken to Giulini and Maran: “The president was angry about an injury that deprived Cagliari of a player who was about to return to the field, it is understandable – he said – with the coach we talked about what happened, but there we felt when the crusader injury was not yet certain ".

Best wishes to the team. "I hope that all this – concluded Pavoletti – can be a stimulus for a group that wants to reach the top" (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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