Inter, Marotta: “Conte is demanding, we will market in January …”

Inter Marotta Conte esigente calciomercato gennaio ci muoveremo

Inter, Marotta in the photo Ansa

MILAN – Inter's Chief Executive Officer for the sports area, Giuseppe Marotta , spoke on the Sky Sport microphones during the Inter-Verona pre-match.

How did the words of Conte live in the post game of Borussia Dortmund-Inter?

I know Antonio very well, he is a very strict and demanding man, he is a man and he is a professional man. He has a very strong and very pronounced culture of victory and also a particular style of communication. In the content of what he said, we are all absolutely aligned, the management and managers are aligned. The search for excellence and the quest for victory I believe is in everyone.

It is done through a path of gradual growth and that's where we have to be very careful, in the sense that everything can be improved and perfected, but it takes a moment. And so we say that we are aligned, the first opportunity to support the staff better is that of the January transfer market, in which we will present ourselves to see what the opportunities are. Alongside this, there is a set of situations and mentalities that need to be improved, on this we are perfectly in agreement with him and therefore we work together with great serenity, to bring Inter up.

Will there be important interventions in the January market?

Experience tells me that the January market is a poor, arid market. This does not mean that our intention is to seize opportunities, in agreement with our coach. We present ourselves aware of having a strong company and a very good coach, and it also demonstrates this in his way of conducting the dynamics of this particular world, because it is very transparent in content and so we will see what happens and evaluate it at the moment.

Will you aim to reinforce the rose with profiles of experienced players or you will bet on young people?

The experience is fundamental in an athlete and therefore also in a soccer player. The important thing is that this experience is not towards the end of the career and therefore it is clear that we must seize and evaluate all the opportunities that arise. It is clear that in the staff it is necessary to evaluate a beautiful mix composed of youth and experience.

Today at Inter there are already these components, although clearly the experience is not marked because few players took part in the Champions League, and therefore from this point of view we are a bit in the rearguard, but obviously we have always talked about a bar that rises from year to year, from Sunday to Sunday, and therefore our bar must rise trying to compose a competitive rose for our goals, which responds to the profiles requested by the coach, but which has some components of light-heartedness, youth and experience.

Would you change something in team building if you could go back a few months?

I would say that today I did not expect to be one point behind Juventus in the league. This is a positive side. Among other things, the nice thing is that from every externalization, commentary and criticism, you always have to look at positive things, from which to learn and from which to start again, so looking back is useless, you have to look at the present and look ahead by saying that we want to raise the bar and we will do it absolutely, because this is the will of the property, of the company, of the coach, of all of us and of the fans.

Who is present at the meetings between the coach and the club? How does the adversarial work for scouting work?

I am the promoter of team work, a collaborative work where within the team everyone has a greater responsibility than the other, so it is normal that the sports area depends on me, the responsibility is mine, but I cannot but rely on the collaboration of the technical staff and the managerial staff in the person of the Sporting Director.

It is clear that the Sporting Director and the management offer the team and the trainer profiles with name and surname. Then together we come to choices, but this is a principle that Conte himself reiterated yesterday, saying that the purchase campaign is the result of the decision of both parties and there is no rain on this.

Then there are the logics that are mine as Managing Director, to combine those that are the need to create a strong team at the team level while respecting what are the club's balance sheet, economic and financial balances, this we can never forget it and as an administrator I clearly have to keep that in mind (source Sky Sport).

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