Allan’s wife unleashes: “Insults and fear in Naples, this is not support”

Napoli moglie Allan su Instagram Bambini piangevano terrorizzati basta falsità

Allan, Napoli midfielder, with his wife Thais (Instagram photo)

NAPLES – Napoli's Brazilian soccer player Allan was the victim of a robbery. Allan and his family live in the old house where Mazzarri lived until 2013. Around midnight on November 8th, the Brazilian found the door to the damaged safe. The Napoli midfielder was not in training with the rest of the team because he was injured. At the moment the investigations are going in the direction of the theft attempt.

The outburst of Allan's wife, Napoli midfielder, on Instagram.

We report below the statements written on Instagram by Thais, Allan's wife: “I believe that now we are really exaggerating and I can't take it anymore, first my husband is attacked not for what he does in the field, but for allegedly created accusations from those who want to distort the truth … and then I come every day insulted on social media with mischievous words .. this week even while shopping . This huge fear is added last night!

People hiding in our house in broad daylight, with me alone at home, then putting chaos dirtying everything in the nursery , our intimacy violated … My children crying terrified! Since we arrived in Naples we have been very well received, but now people cannot use false news to do so to a family with children, this is not football this is not rooting … "

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