Inter is immediately Lukaku mania. Sky dedicates a special “A giant in Milan”

Inter Lukaku gigante Milano speciale Sky Sport data orario info

Inter, Lukaku and Conte in the photo Ansa

MILAN – Goal in league debut to win his new fans immediately; Romelu Lukaku has taken little to make himself loved by the Inter people and tomorrow he will be the protagonist of a special Sky dedicated to him entitled "Lukaku, a giant in Milan".

A special in which it will also be possible to hear the exclusive words of the Belgian Inter forward; first pass at 4.45 pm on Sky Sport Serie A, the second at 7.45 pm, before Cagliari-Inter, on Sky Sport Uno.

Here are some passages of the interview with Lukaku, broadcast today on Sky Sport 24, tomorrow in full form during the special.

Inter fans immediately loved you, the Inter presentation video portrayed you as a good giant. Do you see yourself in those clothes, do you like that portrait of you?

I'm a good guy, at least I think I am. I try to be kind to everyone, I respect, I am a quiet type. When they ask me for a photo I am available. I adapt quickly to teammates, I don't want them to speak to me in English, I asked them to speak to me in Italian. I understand it, sometimes I find it hard to express myself, but soon I hope to be able to speak it fluently.

I'm trying to do as fast as possible to fit in better here.

You and Conte have pursued you, now you will finally work together; what's it like working with him?

Tactically he is really very prepared, a great motivator, a great leader for the group. Everything is going well, we must have continuity: work hard every day to make sure we never lower the bar.

San Siro

Entering the field at San Siro for the first time was unbelievable, I went out for warm-up, I looked around and it was practically already full and it was the first time I really had goose bumps.

Milan is one of the fashion capitals, is there anything that interests you about this world?

To be honest I don't think so, you will see me out of the field a lot. You will see me when I leave the field, in some instagram photos during training, but otherwise, I'm very much at home. I like to stay at home and watch other football matches. I'm a little different from the other players, but I'm sure people will respect it (source Sky Sport).

The Inter article is immediately Lukaku mania. Sky dedicated a special "A giant in Milan" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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