Milan, Piatek rejected by Giampaolo: will it end up on the transfer market?

Milan Piatek bocciato Calciomercato Correa Atletico obiettivo finale

Piatek rejoices after a goal scored with the Milan shirt (photo Ansa)

MILAN – Milan lost to Udinese's debut on the field with a negative performance from all points of view but only one against Brescia to pay: Piatek . The Polish striker was blatantly excluded by Marco Giampaolo from the eleven holder. A truly incredible exclusion because André Silva, a footballer who was transferred to Monaco a few weeks ago, was placed in his place. The deal then jumped due to the physical problems of the Portuguese striker.

At this point, Piatek's stay in Milan is anything but obvious. Milan could monetize its sale and then launch the attack on Correa of ​​Atletico Madrid. Only a few hours to go before the transfer market closes, everything is still possible.

Here is what Giampaolo had said after the defeat against Udinese. Already here it was understood that for him the problem was not (only) Suso but rather Piatek, a footballer who had never scored in the Rossoneri's pre-season and who had been the protagonist of a truly negative performance in Udine. Marco Giampaolo's statements are reported by

“Beyond the result, even if losing never goes well, the game gave me many indications. I read the things that the team did wrong, also due to the characteristics of the players . But I go beyond the result. I try to do a more in-depth analysis of the game, in defeat there are many ideas to think about. Suso problem? Not just him, even Piatek. It has movements from the front and we will try to work on it. We will put ourselves in the field differently, Piatek has certain qualities that we must not distort.

4-3-3? We will work on it. The three in front must recite a different script given their characteristics. Until now, we had no indication of these problems. I thought the problem was Suso, but it's not just him. It's about putting everyone in the best positions, we need to reorganize them. Even if we had won, I would have tried different offensive solutions. We have been sterile. "

The Milan article , Piatek rejected by Giampaolo: will it end up on the transfer market? seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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