Inter, Conte attacks the club, quoting Spalletti: “There is a mole who passes information to journalists …”

In the attack on his company, Antonio Conte mentioned Luciano Spalletti. In fact, the coach from Certaldo had already attacked the Inter management talking about moles in the Nerazzurri locker room …

Antonio Conte and Luciano Spalletti are two very different coaches but both have had to say against the current management of Inter.

In fact, both coaches agreed in saying that Chinese ownership proved inadequate in protecting the coaches who would have been thrown to the press.

Luciano Spalletti did not mince words when three years ago he complained saying:

"Here at Inter there is a mole , someone talks to journalists".

Obviously, the coach from Certaldo was not referring to the players, with whom he had an excellent relationship, but to his managers.

And Conte yesterday did practically the same, also increasing the dose.

“Once the Europa League is over – Conte tells DAZN – we will make the assessments for next season. I will do my evaluations, the company yours.

Technical evaluations? No, in general, in everything ".

Conte becomes even more explicit on Sky Sport:

“For us it was a very hard and difficult year from all points of view, including personal ones. As soon as it was possible, many criticisms were made.

I didn't like what has been done towards these guys and sometimes even towards me.

The boys' work was not recognized, my work was not recognized, I found very little protection from the club. Absolute zero.

There will also be talk with the president, but the president is in China …

I don't like it when people get on the bandwagon, they have to be there both in the positive and in the negative moments, here at Inter it wasn't like that, I'm sorry to say.

Today I saw so many people getting on the wagon who shouldn't have got on, when instead the players and I took the shovelfuls of poop.

Everyone tried to cultivate their own garden. I always put my face in front of everyone, but up to a certain point, because one is not stupid.

One does the lightning rod in the first year, the second does not … Spalletti reported this situation three years ago, it is very serious that nothing has changed yet … ”(sources Sky Sport, Dazn and La Gazzetta dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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