Conte-Inter, a love that never blossomed: all the attacks on his club

The love between Conte and Inter never blossomed. During the season, the coach launched several public attacks on his club. We assess the situation.

Inter were eliminated from the Champions League and the Italian Cup and in the league finished in second place, despite this, Conte feels entitled to publicly break through his club because he finished just one point behind Juventus (even if the bianconeri have pulled away the plug for some time …).

The attack of a few hours ago marked the definitive break between the technician from Salento and his club but the whole season was characterized by differences that Conte never hid at the press conference.


The first problems between Conte and his new club were for the transfer market. Already last summer, the former Juventus coach complained about the delay with which Lukaku was bought and the non-arrival of Dzeko.

Then, close to the January market session, Conte returned to complain to force his company to please him. Although his attitude was not liked by the Chinese owners, Conte was satisfied with the purchase of Eriksen, a footballer who soon ended up on the sidelines of his technical project.

It seemed that the former Juventus coach could not do without Eriksen and instead now he practically never plays.

Here is Conte's complaint dated January 14 last:

"Football? There are not many pennies. We will have to be good at finding situations that for many reasons can bring us benefits. The manager was clear. We will have to be good at making cheap trades, otherwise I see it tough.

There is not much to explain. When you can't get there with money you have to do it with wit ”.

The political weight of Inter.

Satisfied in all respects on the transfer market, Conte found another pretext to break through his current club.

According to the former Juventus coach, his club has no political weight and counts for nothing in the button room of Italian football.

Conte stated this in no uncertain terms, saying that his managers were sleeping while Inter were assigned a prohibitive schedule with matches every 2-3 days.

“Our calendar is crazy, a calendar made to put us in trouble. The teams we played with have always had an extra day of rest, you pay for these things in the long run.

There is a strange anomaly. If you want to be honest, see what happened in the last round.

We see that we were not present when they drew up the calendars. For us it is a crazy calendar , others have 5 days off.

The calendar seems magical to me, the compromises always seem to me negative for Inter. It will be strange if they slap him at Inter .

This has been the case in the past and it still is. If you go to see on the last day something incredible has happened.

And for this I say that the boys are commendable and support incredible rhythms. We come to Rome, drawing against an excellent team, we are less than 5 from Juve ".

And here we are at the outburst of a few hours ago. According to Conte, the second place is all thanks to him and the players. Not executives.

Indeed, the leaders were guilty of not publicly protecting him from press attacks.

So these executives now don't have to dare to get on the bandwagon (but since when is second place celebrated ?!).

“Once the Europa League is over – Conte tells DAZN – we will make the assessments for next season. I will do my evaluations, the company yours.

Technical evaluations? No, in general, in everything ".

Conte becomes even more explicit on Sky Sport:

“For us it was a very hard and difficult year from all points of view, including personal ones. As soon as it was possible, many criticisms were made.

I didn't like what has been done towards these guys and sometimes even towards me.

The boys' work was not recognized, my work was not recognized, I found very little protection from the club. Absolute zero.

There will also be talk with the president, but the president is in China …

I don't like it when people get on the bandwagon, they have to be there both in the positive and in the negative moments, here at Inter it wasn't like that, I'm sorry to say.

Today I saw so many people getting on the wagon who shouldn't have got on, when instead the players and I took the shovelfuls of poop.

Everyone tried to cultivate their own garden. I always put my face in front of everyone, but up to a certain point, because one is not stupid. One does the lightning rod in the first year, the second does not … ”(sources Sky Sport, Dazn and La Gazzetta dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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