Immobile marks and Jessica Melena is full of likes on Instagram PHOTO

Jessica Melena Immobile Instagram quanti like durante Lazio Atalanta

Jessica Melena at the stadium for Lazio Atalanta (Instagram photo)

ROME – The games at the time of social media. While Ciro Immobile scored twice during Lazio – Atalanta 3-3, his wife Jessica Melena was full of likes on Instagram with the photos and stories she uploaded on the popular social network. Jessica Melena does not lose a game of her husband from the stands of the Olympic Stadium. He has always followed him, even abroad.

Jessica Melena enjoyed her husband's goals but Gasperini attacked him: "Penalties the result of the tricks of Immobile".

If Lazio celebrated an unexpected draw, Gasperini expressed his dissatisfaction with the Sky Sport microphones. The Atalanta had closed the first half on the result of three to zero, then in the second half it was reassembled on the three to three thanks also to two penalties transformed by Immobile. Gasperini spoke at length about these penalties.

"There is little to say. Atalanta dominated the game. In the first half but also in the second half. They drew thanks to the usual referee errors in their favor. Do you remember the last Coppa Italia final? It was addressed by that serious arbitration oversight of which too little is spoken.

Even today, Lazio equalized thanks to two non-existent penalties. On the first there are no arguments, Immobile plunges. She is a real crafty person. But I will tell you more, not even the second one was there since it is Immobile that put his leg in front of De Roon and then let himself go.

Why must he find faults in my team if it is always the referee who decides the matches between Lazio and Atalanta? I am fully satisfied with the performance of my boys. Now let's go to Manchester, against the team that is favored to win the Champions League, and we'll try to play it better. Whatever happens, this match will be invaluable in our team growth. In the league we are now a reality, and we will stay there up high playing in this way ”.

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