Cagliari beats Spal, Nainggolan marks Eurogol and dedicates it to his wife Claudia Lai

Nainggolan Cagliari Spal YouTube Claudia Lai dedico rete mia moglie

The goal scored by Nainggolan in Cagliari Spal (from YouTube)

CAGLIARI – Radja Nainggolan is the soul of Cagliari . The former Roma football player was decisive against Spal, with a great performance crowned by a Eurogol that unlocked the match, and he gave a precious success to his new / old club in the ranking. The Sardinians have won 2 to 0 against Spal and have overtaken Roma in the standings taking fifth place one step away from the Champions area. The other network of Sardinians was signed by Farago.

At the end of the match, Nainggolan dedicated the network to his wife Claudia Lai: "I dedicate it to her because they are having a very difficult time. My goal is for you. I am happy for the enthusiasm that is being created around Cagliari ".

Today's victory was a test of maturity for the Sardinians. It is never easy to win against teams that struggle to not be relegated because they defend themselves with all their players. To unlock races of this type, you need brilliant games. Radja Nainggolan has thought about it with a deadly right that ended his run under the crossing of the poles leaving no way out for the Spal defender.

After the Nainggolan network, the game became easier for the Sardinians. The Spal was unbalanced looking for a draw and Farago was able to close the games. The Sardinians also had other restarts to score more goals.

Nainggolan returned to Cagliari, where he started his career at high level in Serie A, after a negative spell with the Inter shirt. Nainggolan reluctantly moved to Milan, because he wanted to stay at Rome, and he never managed to find continuity like in the Capital.

For this reason, last summer, he greeted the Nerazzurri to return to play in his favorite team. Nainggolan is playing an extraordinary championship. After a few games without goals, he also found his way to the net by launching his club in fifth place in the standings.

This ranking of Cagliari was also made possible by the misstep of Roma on the field of Sampdoria. The Giallorossi have not gone beyond zero to zero in Genoa. Good debut, with a draw, for Claudio Ranieri.

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