Hulk, Christmas scandal in football: he leaves his partner and goes with her granddaughter

Hulk, scandalo di Natale nel calcio: lascia la compagna e si mette con la nipote di lei

On the left Hulk, on the right the ex-partner Iran with her granddaughter Camila

RIO DE JANEIRO – Christmas scandal in Brazil, as defined by the South American newspapers commenting on the latest gossip bomb starring Givanildo Vieira de Souza, better known as the Hulk. The 33-year-old striker, among the highest paid in the world and today in strength at the Chinese club Shanghai SIPG, has in fact announced to the world that he has left his partner Iran Ângelo de Souza, to join his 31 year old granddaughter, Camila .

He did so with an official statement on Christmas Eve. The former head of the Seleçao has thus earned the covers of all the newspapers. “This Saturday – reads the note released by his staff – Hulk telephoned Camila's parents and brother to inform them of their relationship. The player and the young woman started dating in October and the player himself decided to make everything public because he didn't want to hide. His position is transparent and he wants to avoid lying and running into malicious comments. "

The story with the ex-partner Iran had abruptly ended in August, after 12 years of relationship and three children. The couple was also planning to get married but something went wrong. Probably it was the niece Camila who got in the way between the two?

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