Michael Schumacher, wife Corinna: “Big things start with small steps”

corinna schumacher

Corinna and Michael (Ansa)

ROME – On December 29 exactly 6 years will have passed since the tragic ski accident that involved Michael Schumacher while he was on vacation on the snows of Meribel in France with his family.

In view of the sad anniversary of the fall that compromised the health of the Ferrari champion, his inseparable wife Corinna published a post with which he urges fans not to stop believing in the return to normal of the Formula One driver: " The great things they begin with small steps. Each small piece can eventually build a mosaic. Together we are stronger and it is exactly by combining our energies that the #KeepFighting movement will more easily be able to encourage others ”.

KeepFighting, in addition to being the hashtag chosen by the pilot's fan club, is the name of the foundation with which the Schumacher family decided to support the victims of accidents, investing in research on the brain and spinal cord.

In addition to his wife Corinna, the president of the fan club dedicated to Schumi, Reiner Ferling, also wanted to spread a message: “Every day we have the hope that sooner or later he will return to the public . We know that she is in good hands, that she receives all the necessary love, care and security, and can also count on a large family. As far as we are concerned, we will continue to support it as we can. "

The silence on the conditions of the former Ferrari driver was recently interrupted by the words of Dr. Jean-Francois Payen. The doctor, while not disclosing any details of the treatments the pilot is facing, said: "We have a recovery plan that ranges from one to three years. I visit Michael with a certain regularity and every little improvement I see I communicate to his loved ones. "

Source: Mirror

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