Hand of Samir, referee consults VAR but does not assign penalty to Milan

Rigore Udinese Milan Samir var mano involontaria

The still image of Sky Sport showing the touch with Samir's hand in the Udinese penalty area during the match against Milan

UDINE – Until now only three Serie A games have been played but the controversies over the arbitration and the decisions of the VAR are already going crazy on all social networks. After the goal annulled by Cristiano Ronaldo for a matter of millimeters in Parma-Juventus, and the penalties (data and not data) of Fiorentina-Napoli, here are the episodes of Udinese-Milan .

The referee Easter has consulted the VAR twice during the Sunday advance of the first day of the Italian Serie A soccer championship. In the first circumstance, he used technology to see clearly on a touch of Castillejo in the first half. The Easter referee, after a long consultation with the VAR room through the silent check, established that his deviation was out of area and for this reason he did not assign the penalty to Udinese.

The referee Easter had to consult the VAR also in the second half to clarify a touch with Samir's hand in the Udinese penalty area. In this case the referee's decision was not at all simple and the interview with his assistants present in front of the monitors of the room of the var was rather long. In the end, the Easter referee has decided not to assign the penalty kick to Milan among the general protests of the Rossoneri players.

That's why the referee didn't assign the penalty to Milan.

Looking at the images, it seems probable that the referee did not concede a penalty to Milan by opting for Samir's touch. In fact the Udinese footballer did not start with the intention of stopping the ball with his hand, he saw it arrive at the last moment and could do nothing but hit him but in his initial intentions there was the goal to repel the ball with a header.

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