Romagnoli furious: “It was a penalty for Milan, what is the purpose of the VAR?”

Rigore Udinese Milan Romagnoli Samir mano netta var cosa ha visto?

Romagnoli is desperate for the penalty not awarded to Milan by the referee (photo Ansa)

MILAN – A few minutes before the defeat against Udinese , Milan captain Alessio Romagnoli protested against Milan TV's arbitration. His statements are reported by "The Var had to see that it was a clear hand. These are episodes that change the game and make the difference. It was rigor, I don't know how the referee saw it differently. The Mister is very prepared. The project takes time, we have to work during the week. The ideas will come. I'm very proud of the 150 presences, it's a historic club, being part of it and being its captain is a pride ”.

Marco Giampaolo made his debut with a defeat on the Milan bench but, unlike Alessio Romagnoli, he didn't take it too much against the referee but focused on the things that didn't work on his team at a tactical level. His statements are reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Beyond the result, the game gave me many indications – the coach presses -. In the sense that you can read the situations that the team does well and those not "." The possession of the ball must have a better offensive development, but for characteristics of the interpreters we have not succeeded. The market does not interest me, it would be a lack of respect for my players to talk about it. I prefer to analyze the game and notice that perhaps some do not have the specificity to do some things rather than others. My vision is a different Milan in the offensive development ".

"Suso is an extraordinary player technically, he can play there too, but maybe we'll get differently, even for Piatek. 4-3-3? We have to work on it, but it can be from the next. The three in front must recite a different script ”. "Why has the VAR awarded us the penalty for Samir's hand? You know what I think about hand fouls in the area. It can also be a penalty, but the referee's interpretation counts in such episodes. There is no right or wrong ”.

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