Giovanni Cornacchini, mother Gianna died of Coronavirus in Fano

Giovanni Cornacchini, mamma Gianna morta a 82 anni per Coronavirus a Fano

Giovanni Cornacchini, mother Gianna died of Coronavirus in Fano (photo from Youtube video)

ROME – Gianna Cornacchini , Giovanni's mother, former AC Milan striker in the 1990s and Bari manager until a few months ago, died from Coronavirus.

The Gazzetta dello Sport writes that Giannina Sanchioni , 82 years old, had tested positive for the virus on February 26, after a nephew's visit to Milan. The Corriere dell'Umbria, who first broke the news, explained that the woman was very well known in Fano (in the Marche), the place where she ran a leather shop.

Giovanni Cornacchini , in addition to having won a league title with Milan in 1991-92, was a bomber in the minor leagues: five times top scorer of Serie C with the jerseys of Fano, Piacenza and Perugia, also winner of the 1996 B championship with Bologna and of the Italian Cup 1997 with the Vicenza shirt.

In 2003 he embarked on his coaching career: last year the arrival at the ambitious Bari of the De Laurentiis management (which started from the D series with the aim of immediately going up the slope after the failure). Cornacchini's Bari won their group and moved up to Serie C, where the manager from the Marche was confirmed. After a few days, however, the disappointing results of the red and white convinced the management to release him, to focus on Mr. Vivarini .

This is the press release issued by Bari to express its closeness to Cornacchini: "President Luigi De Laurentiis and all SSC Bari join the pain of Mr. Giovanni Cornacchini and his family for the disappearance of Gianna, mother of the Marches technician" . (Sources: Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere dell'Umbria).

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