Coronavirus, Evangelos Marinakis positive: he owns Olympiacos and Nottingham Forest

Evangelos Marinakis positivo coronavirus: proprietario Nottinghan Forrest

Evangelos Marinakis coronavirus positive: owner Nottinghan Forrest

ROME – Coronavirus enters the world of football: Evangelos Marinakis owner of Olympiacos and Nottingham Forest, on Instagram has announced that he has tested positive. The 52-year-old, who lives between Nottingham and Greece, witnessed Millwall's defeat of the Forest just four days ago and posed for some photos with the fans.

On Instagram, Marinakis said: “The virus has visited me too, and I feel compelled to say it publicly. I feel good, but I have to take all the necessary measures and I will follow the directives of the doctors. I recommend to all those who have been infected to follow the instructions of the health professionals. He hoped to have a very quick recovery. "

The Olympiacos game against Wolverhampton in the Premier League will be played behind closed doors on Thursday but due to the relationship between Marinakis and the Greek team it could be called into question.
The whole team of Olympiacos and the staff of the backroom, because of the contagion of the president was subjected to the test.

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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