Georgia, giant alligator interrupts golf match. VIDEO

Georgia, alligatore gigante interrompe partita di golf. VIDEO

Georgia, giant alligator interrupts golf match. VIDEO from Ed Vance's Facebook profile

GEORGIA – A golf match in Georgia has been interrupted for a truly unique reason. During a contest of amateur golf held at "The Club in Savannah Harbor", there was an invasion of the field that left everyone speechless. The golf match was interrupted due to an invasion of an alligator . Not a simple alligator but a giant specimen.

Georgia, giant alligator materializes during golf match

The alligator suddenly materialized on the green of the golf course, was the protagonist of a walk that ended only in the nearby pond. The episode was immortalized and narrated by Ed Vance of the Reuters agency.

"It's not so rare to spot an alligator here, but this was really huge." "For every step he took he heard the" thud ", in some ways the experience was also fun."

Ed Vance had fun because he came out of this experience safe and sound, as did the participants in the golf game, but when the huge alligator appeared, terror fell on The Club in Savannah Harbor. Ed Vance and the golf players remained motionless and for this reason were not noticed by the alligator. Same technique that is used with sharks.

The alligator field invasion video from Ed Vance's official Facebook profile.

The Georgia article , giant alligator interrupts golf match. VIDEO seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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