European stadium rankings, Italy out of the top 10 for poor infrastructure

Classifica stadi europei, Italia fuori dalla top 10 per infrastrutture scadenti

European stadium rankings, Italy out of the top 10 for poor infrastructure. One of the few Italian excellences is the Juventus Stadium in the photo ANSA / ALESSANDRO DI MARCO

ROME – We have fallen behind, even in infrastructure, even in sports, even in rich football. Not only to Russia, England, France, Spain and Germany but also to Poland and Turkey. Among the European nations that invest in the future of football, and therefore on the stadiums , Italy does not appear in the top ten of the rankings: only three new installations respond, the Allianz Stadium of Juventus (costing 155 million euros in 2011 ), the Dacia Arena Udinese (recreated on the former Friuli with an investment of 30 million) and the Benito Stirpe of Frosinone (20 million).

European stadium rankings, Italy back

Thus, the lost revenues that accumulate and, at the same time, our stupid image, in front of the 159 stadiums born instead in the rest of Europe. With an average age of 63 years, with just 8 of Serie A with total coverage of the stands, and therefore a drop in attendance – also linked to the super-TV offer and high prices – which according to the FIGC is equal to 54%, against 90% of the two championships guide, English and German.

Cagliari is near the construction of the new stadium, in place of the old Sant'Elia, in demolition. The service conference has given the green light to the modification of the preliminary project, overcoming the reservations raised in December by the Fire Brigade, the total capacity of the plant rises to 25 thousand 200 spectators (with the possibility of extending the number to 30 thousand of available seats).

The investment is 60 million euros (divided between Region, Municipality, Cagliari Calcio, construction company, bank loans), the super signature is by David Manica (designer of the Nou Camp of Barcelona), the structure will contain commercial spaces and a luxury hotel with 72 rooms with sea view, playground and old town, which can be turned into offices, and a walkway that connects the stadium with the Parco degli Anelli, which has just been completed. In December the complete documentation was delivered together with Pessina Costruzioni, and the administration of the municipality of Empoli has begun the examination of the cards.

The mayor Brenda Barnini said: "Now there is the certainty that the blue society wants to propose to the city this challenge not only sport". The agreement between Empoli Football Club and Pessina Costruzioni envisages the redevelopment of the “Carlo Castellani stadium, first stage realized in project financing (public-private partnership. Commercial activities will arise, the total capacity of the plant would be 20,000 seats , for a cost of 30 million.

On the new-stadium project, Fiorentina even started in September 2008. The Della Valle pledged to finance it, dreaming of a beautiful and multi-purpose stadium in three years, complete with the "Cittadella viola", a shopping center, a hotel and a football theme park. But they ran aground on the area destined for the company, 70-90 hectares in the Castello area (north of the city).

Now, the Municipality has approved the resolution to move the Mercafir to the Castello area, thus freeing up the area of ​​the General Markets, not before 2023. But, on the part of Fiorentina, new doubts have just arisen about the capacity of the plant . And we would like to go down from the 40 thousand places under 35 thousand. Proposal that does not agree with the mayor Dario Nardella: "It would be a mistake".

But it perhaps confirms the lower attention of the Della Valle towards football and the team and therefore the tendency to cut the investment, from 140 to 110 million euros (the overall project is around 500).

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