Genoa-Roma, Spinazzola: from not transferring to Inter to scoring

Genoa-Roma, Spinazzola: dal mancato trasferimento all'Inter al gol

Genoa-Rome, Leonardo Spinazzola in the photo Ansa

GENOA – Leonardo Spinazzola is the man of the week. Transfer market jokes. Until a few days ago, he was in Milan to support medical visits with Inter, then the exchange with Politano jumped at the last moment and was forced to return to Rome. Today Fonseca, despite having practically no leg training, launched him on the pitch from the first minute.

A footballer that he had decided to sell to get to Politano. Yet today he lined it up, also thanks to the absence of Kolarov, and Spinazzola played a great game finishing among the best on the pitch. The outside of the Italian National Football Team was not limited to the usual raids on the left wing, it also entered decisively in the action of the goal of the momentary two to zero of Rome.

Spinazzola sowed some opponents on the left wing, centralized himself and started a cross shot that went into the net after the decisive deviation of Biraschi. In short, he did not score a real goal, because the Serie A League assigned him as Biraschi's own goal, but he propitiated an important goal for his new old team. An additional purchase, against all odds, for Mr. Paulo Fonseca.

Di Spinazzola, the director Petrachi spoke to the microphones of Sky Sport a few minutes from Genoa-Roma: “Spinazzola is doing very well and is delighted to have stayed at Roma and Roma will remain. This is already a certainty. As for Marotta's statements, I know him, I respect him, there is also friendship between us, however, evidently in this affair there was a short circuit between the sports director and himself, because they hadn't spoken to each other, or there was something that didn't work.

Certainly, Rome had closed the operation, with lots of emails, with lots of replies, but then we know how it went. There has been talk of medical visits, I would like to remind you that Spinotta took Marotta when he was at Juve, therefore, Marotta knows Spinazzola well, it's not that since he was at Juve and then came to Rome something happened to him. The player had his fitness and it was a quietly closed operation.

Then, they wanted to change conditions that were not acceptable to us and, therefore, we all went back. I feel sorry for Politano, because he is a boy who for what little he saw, when he came to Rome, wanted and was enthusiastic and I was sorry, also because he would have liked to wear so much the Roma shirt. "

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