Fiorentina, the disappointment of a fan: “They made my six-month-old daughter pay for the ticket”

Fiorentina, la delusione di una tifosa: "Hanno fatto pagare il biglietto a mia figlia di sei mesi"

Fiorentina, the fans in an Ansa archive photo

FLORENCE – Giorgia Pacciani, a great Fiorentina fan, sent a letter to the editorial staff of "" to protest against the decision of the purple company to have also paid for the ticket to her six-month-old daughter. An age that in fact does not allow her to physically occupy a place in the stadium. talks about it in an article signed by Monica Pieraccini where the letter of the purple fan is reported in full.

“We are super supporters and Fiorentina fans, who have always subscribed to the Fiesole corner . We made the tickets and when we asked if the little girl entered for free – Mum Giorgia writes in an email sent to the editorial staff of – ​​we were told that we would have to do the ticket for her too, paying him one euro.

It is a shameful and ridiculous thing – continues Mum – that a six-month-old girl has to pay for a job she does not occupy. We brought it because we would like to give birth to passion too, but in this way passion passes to us too ».

"It wasn't like that once," sighs Giorgia. «My father and my mother, who were also very fans of Fiorentina, took me to see our team from an early age. Up to six years you entered without a ticket and without paying. I believe that today they could at least distinguish between infants and non-infants and not, instead, provide for a single ticket for under-14s. Let's say that under two years of age, even if I understand it is necessary to issue the ticket, children should not pay ”.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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