Genoa, Andreazzoli towards exemption: Gattuso, Iachini, De Biasi possible substitutes

Genoa Gattuso Iachini De Biasi possibili sostituti Andreazzoli verso esonero

Iachini is one of the candidates for the Genoa bench (photo Ansa)

PARMA – Genoa disastrous. The team lost the game and the face on the field of Parma. Genoa is second last in the league, in the full relegation zone, plus one on the Sampdoria tail end of the Serie A. Blucerchiati who today have recovered a point on the rossoblùs drawing zero to zero against Roma on the day of Claudio Ranieri's debut.

Genoa won only one game out of eight, scored the misery of nine goals and suffered twenty (it is the worst defense of the entire championship). Andreazzoli was already at risk of exoneration before this game, after this sensational defeat for five to one against Parma his departure seems practically certain.

Last time he was saved by … Milan! Preziosi wanted to hire Pioli as a coach but then came Milan who signed the former Fiorentina coach. Faded Pioli, Preziosi decided to trust Andreazzoli because he was not convinced of the other coaches on the market.

The idea remains the same but after such a defeat it is really complicated not to exempt the coach. A shock is needed, as the entire squad of players cannot be exempt, it is likely that the coach will pay for everyone. Let's see who the coaches could take Andreazzoli's place.

Preziosi's number one goal is Rino Gattuso. A skilled technician who has returned from a good experience at Milan, brought to fifth place in the standings, one step away from the Champions League, and two finals (of the Italian Cup and of the Italian Super Cup, both lost against Juventus).

But Gattuso is convinced. Sampdoria did not succeed and had to fall back on Claudio Ranieri. Will Preziosi succeed in convincing him of the goodness of Genoa's technical project? He will try anyway.

The alternatives to "Ringhio" are Iachini, a technician specialized in desperate salvation, and De Biasi, a technician who wants to get back in the game after a good experience with Albania.

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