Racist Buu in Vieira, Roma apologizes to the footballer: “We will take action”

Buu razzisti Vieira Roma si scusa su Twitter prenderemo provvedimenti

Roma apologizes to Vieira for the racist buzz of the Giallorossi fans (from Twitter)

GENOA – During the match between Sampdoria and Rome, the Giallorossi fans were guilty of racist "buu" against the footballer Ronaldo Vieira. Shortly afterwards the statement was released by the Giallorossi company that apologized to the Sampdoria player for the behavior of these fans. Rome did not limit itself to this, it said it will ban those responsible for this vile gesture.

The following is a statement by Roma on Vieira published on the Giallorossi's social media channels: “AS Roma apologizes to Ronaldo Vieira for the racists he suffered. The Company does not tolerate any kind of racism and will support the authorities in identifying and consequently banning those responsible for racist insults against the midfielder ".

The Giallorossi company is at the forefront of the fight against racism. A few days ago, he punished one of his fans, giving him life from his matches, for racist insults posted on Instagram to Juan Jesus. The Giallorossi defender had been insulted and compared to an ape. Jesus himself had requested the intervention of Rome, which was not slow to arrive.

The match. The race between Sampdoria and Rome did not give the show. The match ended on the result of zero to zero with just two conclusions to the net both arrived in the second half. Pastore missed the goal with a shot from distance while Pau Lopez overcame a close shot by Bonazzoli. For the rest, nothing else happened in the "goal zone".

Claudio Ranieri made his debut against his old team with a draw but Sampdoria's ranking remains critical. The blucerchiati remain last in the standings in the full relegation zone. Even Rome has no reason to smile as it lost Cristante and Kalinic due to injury and was overtaken by the Nainggolan Cagliari.

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