Galatasaray, Serdar Aziz does not play for “severe stomach ache” and goes to the Maldives: “caught” on Instagram

Il post della moglie di Aziz su Instragram

The post of Aziz's wife on Instragram

ROME – Galatasaray defender Serdar Aziz was "caught" on vacation in the Maldives because of Instagram. The footballer, born in 1990 and former Bursaspor defender, has been playing with Galatasaray since 2016: in recent days he has missed the challenge against Sivasspor because of a " severe stomach ache" , as reported by the Turkish club.

The next day, however, it was discovered that he was already in the Maldives with his wife. Aziz was discovered because of the partner who published a story on Instagram tagging her husband with geolocation included: Hotel St. Regis, Maldives.

For Sedar Aziz it was impossible to get away with it, precisely because of the social network that would represent irrefutable proof. The Turkish leadership has been adamant and has included the player on the transfer list. His wife canceled the story after a short time but it did not help, the damage had already been done.

Aziz immediately returned to Turkey to explain the situation, while his wife remained in the Maldives. The defender was already experiencing a complicated season, with several injuries and some too much disqualification. Now, because of what seems like a clear lie told to the club's leadership, it risks being sold off.

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