Schumacher 50 years. Montezemolo: “I hope something can happen”

Schumacher 50 years. Montezemolo: "I hope something can happen"

Schumacher 50 years. Montezemolo: "I hope something can happen"

ROME – "I hope something can happen but I do not want to say anything else, except that I know that Michael struggles, that he has so much determination and a magnificent family around". A few words but full of hope those that the former president of Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, says in an interview with Rai Sport, talking about the difficult rehabilitation process of Michael Schumacher, who died in the public arena after five years, after the tragic accident of 29 December 2013, anniversary that falls a few days from the 50th birthday of the former F1 champion, the day after January 3.

An age 'important' that the still beloved Schumi cuts surrounded by an aura of mystery that even the words of the former president of the Redhead scratches, even if it gives some glimmer of hope. "How are we, will we see him again?", Are constantly asking his millions of fans, while from the shrouded villa of Lausanne does not filter anything, with his family, his wife Corinna, the historic spokesperson Sabine Kehm and the closest friends to keep a almost unshakable curtain of privacy.

If the strength of the affections were enough, the 7 times world champion would have already healed for a long time, a result that unfortunately care and money have not yet achieved, even if profuse without savings. The 'Bild' wrote a few days ago that the German "is no longer in danger of life" and ten people are engaged in rehabilitation, while to stimulate him he is also made to hear the roar of his car.

What was once his old office has now turned into a super-equipped nursing room and "nothing is left unturned to speed up the recovery," wrote the informed German newspaper almost to confirm the recent rumors of hope, from the sentences of Jean Todt and father Georg to the rumors not confirm the Daily Mail on a detachment from the machinery, up to the words today of Montezemolo ("I do not want to say anything else").

Todt said he saw "the GP of Brazil at home Schumacher in the company of Michael" and a few days earlier in Lausanne had also been guest Archbishop Georg Gaenswein, who had found him in the armchair: "I held his hands, which they were hot. Some things can not be conveyed by words, but touch can, "said the prefect of the Pontifical House and secretary of Georg Ratzinger.

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