From the minute of silence to the Milan shirt, all the curiosities of the first game during the coronavirus

TURIN – There was great curiosity about Juventus-Milan , not so much for the technical contents but because it was the first game (without fans) after more than three months of stop for the coronavirus.

These curiosities have only been partially satisfied , let's see why.

Ready away and there was immediately a touching minute of silence to remember the victims of the coronavirus.

On the field there were not only the players, arranged in a circle at a safe distance, but also representatives of the job categories that stood out during such a dramatic period.

So within this circle there was a representative of doctors, a representative of nurses and a representative of socio-health assistants.

Milan took to the field with a special shirt with the " everything will be fine " logo, a real slogan for the Italians during the coronavirus quarantine .

Let's move on to the field.

Football in the time of the coronavirus has new rules.

Staff members must wear a mask on the bench (the players and the coach are exempt).

You can protest against the referee but only at a safe distance (and tonight it hasn't always been like this …).

Spitting is forbidden (fortunately this rule has been respected by all interpreters on the playing field).

Now the substitutions are five per team and tonight we noticed it.

Some exultations after a goal are forbidden (this curiosity we could not take away because there were no goals).

Examples of prohibited celebrations ? Kisses and hugs between the players on the field.

In Germany they respected this ban by cheering at a safe distance or by elbowing instead of the classic "five".

Italian football has restarted with Juventus-Milan. First penalty awarded with the var and first expulsion.

Today we witnessed the first penalty awarded with the var during the coronavirus.

Orsato had a long talk with his assistant in the var room but then went to see the monitor to make a correct decision.

Then Ronaldo missed the penalty but that's another story.

Also because after the action it continued and there was the first red during the coronavirus.

Rebic entered with a stretched leg on Danilo and Orsato could not help but chase him from the field.

In short, we are back to breathing football (including controversy) but we look forward to seeing what will happen to the first goal scored (how will they exult ?!).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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