Italian Cup, Salvatore Giglio not admitted to the stadium: sit-in and hunger strike by the Juventus photographer

ROME – Italian Cup, Salvatore Giglio not allowed.

In the post-coronavirus stage, only 300 people are admitted to the Italian Cup semifinal.

Among these there are only ten photographers ready to immortalize Juventus-Milan: among them, however, there is Salvatore Giglio, the photographer who has not missed a Juventus match in the last 44 years.

Giglio is not there and decides to go on a hunger strike and a sit-in outside the stadium during the game. The photographer explains:

“Among these ten photographers are four freelancers, some have probably never entered a football field. I, however, after 44 years following Juve in every part of the world, I saw myself rejecting the request for accreditation "explains Giglio, a symbol of the Juventus story.

Until the Coppa Italia match between Juve and Milan, it had always been there.

For this he decided to protest with a sit-in outside the stadium during the game and a hunger strike.

Giglio would like to meet Andrea Agnelli for a direct confrontation: "I need to speak with him in person, there is something strange, that I don't understand, that I can't accept."

The last book published by Giglio is from 2019, it has on the cover Cristiano Ronaldo and Michel Platini, it is titled "The Juventus fable".

“I have been following Juventus all over the world for 44 years. For 24 years as an official photographer and later as a freelancer. After dedicating Love and Passion to this club, I am forbidden the right to work by not accrediting me for the Juventus-Milan match. From this evening on, in protest against the football institutions, the hunger strike begins "(source:

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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