France-Romania, biscuit was: Italy eliminated from the Under-21 European Championship

Francia-Romania, biscotto è stato: Italia eliminata dall'Europeo Under 21

France-Romania, biscuit was: Italy eliminated from the European Under-21 (photo Ansa)

ROME – France-Romania as Sweden-Denmark in 2004. Once again the Italian national team has been eliminated from the European championship, even if we are now talking about the Under 21, for a " biscuit ".

A draw was enough for France and Romania, with any result, to access the Euro 2019 semi-finals and the next Olympic Games and draw a tie. A zero to zero so obvious as brazen with just a shot in the door mirror by France.

You got it right, a shot in the door mirror. Given rather unusual for two teams that were already at six points and that in the first two matches of the competition had expressed a sparkling game.

Romania even traveled at an average of four goals per game, coming to the match against France 4-1 strong against Croatia and 4-2 against England. Today the Romanian goal machine was not able to throw one, say one, conclusion in the mirror of the opposing goal.

Even France didn't even try. The match ended in a boring ball possession in midfield. In short, the most classic of biscuits to send the Blues home.

Italy won 3-1 against Spain and 3-1 against Belgium, Bologna was fatal to Bologna's slide against Poland.

A haunted race that the guests won with a single shot on goal, turned into a goal by an error by goalkeeper Meret, and with prodigious saves by their extreme defender. A draw would have been enough for Italy but the bolide from Lorenzo Pellegrini's distance ended his run on the crossbar.

We are already at the end credits, at the recriminations, because France and Romania have not played themselves. They observed a rest shift and both qualified for the semifinals of the European under-21 championship. The two national teams also celebrated access to the Olympic Games. In the face of the azzurrini and sporting loyalty. Don't make us moral anymore.

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