Football, more money from TV if young Italians play first

football money tv young

Football, more money from TV if young Italians play first

ROME – More money for those who play young Italians . Ten percent of television revenues (about 350 million euros in the next three years) will be awarded to the Serie A clubs that will make more young people grow up in nurseries (better if they can be used for the National team). In the draft budget law, after the go-ahead by the Council of Ministers, a measure emerges that could significantly change the management of Italian football.

Giancarlo Giorgetti , the Northern League minister who strongly wanted the delegation on sport, was inspired by the provision. The measure included in the draft budget law actually corrects in the running the news desired by the former Minister of Sport of the government Gentiloni, Luca Lotti, who had to find application just this season. The modification of Melandri introduced by Lotti had already changed the face of the distribution, introducing the concept of TV audience and spectators at the stadium as a criterion for dividing 20% ​​of the rights pie, with 50% to be distributed in equal parts and 30% on the basis of sports results (15% relative to the last championship, 5% relative to historical results to 10% relative to the last five years).

The 10% share, it says, "is determined on the basis of the minutes played in the last three championships by players raised in the Italian youth sectors, aged between 15 and 21 years and who have been registered for the current club for at least three whole Serie A Championships ".

A rule that could encourage companies to invest further in their youth sectors. How much could this criterion be worth? Between 70 and 110 million euros overall to be divided among the 20 teams, it will depend on whether the weight will be 6% or 10% on the entire TV rights pie (which is worth around 1,135 billion annually).

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