Fonseca cancels withdrawal of Pinzolo, the anger of South American players on Rome’s WhatsApp group

Fonseca annulla ritiro di Pinzolo, la rabbia dei giocatori sudamericani sul gruppo WhatsApp della Roma

Fonseca cancels withdrawal of Pinzolo, the anger of South American players on Rome's WhatsApp group. Photo EPA / RONALD WITTEK

ROME – Fonseca has not even arrived which has already infuriated Roma South American footballers. On the team's WhatsApp group, protests broke out against the decision of the new coach for renouncing Pinzolo's withdrawal (not even the mayor took it well, read here ).

As the Corriere dello Sport explains with Roberto Maida, everyone is enjoying ten days of extra holidays. But several elements of the team, especially the South Americans who had decided to spend the early summer at home, are rather annoyed by the change of plans. If they had been warned in time, they would have remained in Brazil or Argentina.

As Il Corriere dello Sport continues with Roberto Maida, some footballers have also mentioned to the company that the organization, with the announcement of the call for June 25 and the turnaround for medical examinations already completed (now the probable date is July 5 ), was not exactly optimal. On the other hand, Rome did not have certainty about the outcome of the investigation into Milan – and it would still not, according to what is stated in the renouncement release – and had to take precautions in front of the hypothesis of playing the preliminary of July 25th.

Fonseca finds himself managing a team to be re-founded and first of all he has to settle with the pressures of the Italian championship which are certainly different from those of the Ukrainian championship where the Portuguese coached the strongest team in the tournament with no rivals.

Rome is an open construction site. Many players should leave the team. Manolas should move to Naples while Dzeko should marry Mancini's Inter technical project.

El Shaarawy is considering whether to stay in Rome or move to the Chinese league in exchange for a very rich salary. Kolarov could stay while other players, see Zaniolo, could change air. In short, in the Giallorossi home there are no certainties.

The Fonseca article cancels withdrawal of Pinzolo, the anger of the South American players on the Rome WhatsApp group seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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